Although our music website is new and just been released to the World Wide Internet, our company is not in its infancy.  There have been years of planning, recording, copyrights, videos, web construction, and endless hours, days, months, and years of development.  As you mouse through our web, I hope you find the labor of our love entertaining and enjoyable.  Our efforts have been for you, the public and hope you’ll have a moment to let us know how you like it.

Naturally, success is always gauged by the revenue that a company brings in, and in order to be creative, to operate, and to be competitive, it’s the bottom line.  At the same time, my hopes and objectives are to attract established recording artists, record companies, producers of theatrical motion pictures that are searching for either theme music or original material that would fit into the scheme of their projects.  I label myself and my music as “Maverick-Outlaw” because I do not follow the conventional style and guidelines of song writing.  I write in all categories of music and I have quite a few songs written about personalities that I’ve labeled “Event, Bios, and Tribute” music.  After all that being said, just for the opportunity to showcase my music and to be doing something that I love so much, is very satisfying, and I’m blessed to have this chance.  My appreciation and thanks goes out to all the creative people that lent me their incredible talents to this website.

Appreciate your visit and hope to see you again soon.

Thanks much,

David Repka


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