New Album release


I hope that when you listen to the music on this album, and the different songs, that you will know that my intention was only to exercise the quality of the song itself and that I do not feel as though the vocal that I do on this music to be taken as Elvis quality.  I only personally feel that the songs are of an Elvis feel and mood.  I was always an Elvis fan and was fortunate enough to be seated in the front row of one of his performances in Dallas, Texas in 1971 at the Reunion Arena.  I stood up and walked up to the front of the stage which was only about eight feet away and extended my hand.  Elvis took the time to walk over and take my hand, and gave me one of those Elvis grins.  The concert was pure magic, and when Elvis sang “How Great Thou Are” I believe the entire structure of the arena shook.  Something I’ll never forget.  Hope you find that some of these pieces of material is something Elvis would have recorded if he were here today.

Thanks much,

David Repka

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