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David Repka

David with his most beloved pup, Lobo

As far back as I can remember I’ve been a lover of music.  When I was about seven years old my aunt and uncle came by our home for a visit and brought with them a record by Hank Williams titled “I’m Sorry for You My Friend.”  They left it there for me to listen to because I loved it so much.  I still have that record today.  I begged my Mom to let me stay home from school so that I could learn this song.  I would play the record lifting the needle after a line or two while my Mom would jot down the lyrics.  After a while I had it down pat, and any time company would come by, Mom always wanted me to sing along with Hank while his record played.  I think she was proud of me.  The next song I learned was Frankie Laine’s “Lucky Ole Sun.”  I would always sing along with music that I heard on the radio, but never tried writing.  When I was about fourteen years old, my Mom and Dad bought me a guitar for Christmas.  I was always an introverted and shy kind of kid, until I learned to play that guitar; but when I was holding that guitar and singing along for that moment, I had no fear or inhibitions.  I started singing at school assemblies and different Lion’s clubs around the surrounding towns that we lived close to.  When I was fifteen years of age my older sister, Bernice, who was about thirteen years older than me, wrote a million seller song for a 50’s rock star by the name of Gene Vincent.  The song was titled “Lotta Lovin’.”  That year I wrote my first song trying to immolate my older sister, and the song I wrote was titled “Love Is a Dream.”  Bernice liked the title and the melody line I had, and she assisted me with the lyrics.  Another year later I started singing at the Big D Jamboree in Dallas in the amateur part of the show.  All the big names in the music industry played there at one time or another, such as Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins, so on and so forth.  Because of the love of my music and the road that I traveled chasing my dream, I let opportunities pass me by that are no longer available to me.  Although I don’t believe I would change too many things about my life, especially my music, at the same time I would never recommend this profession to anyone.  I’m grateful for the chance to possibly have my music heard as an independent by you, the public, and naturally I’m very grateful for any visits that find their way to this website.  I’m in hopes that you do visit, that you’ll find something that you like and possibly put you in a good mood with a smile on your face, and that you’ll come back and visit often.

David Repka, doing what he loves most, creating his lyrics with his music.

When not writing music, you can find me working on my second love, restoration of fine antique furniture and new design furniture.  If you’re not interested in my music, hope you might investigate