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Gene Vincent

This is an autograph picture of Gene Vincent given to David Repka from Gene Vincent himself


David Repka’s Association with Gene Vincent

Gene Vincent’s hit record of “Be-Bop-A-Lu-La” had disappeared off the charts for a good while, and he was in search for a follow-up. My sister, Bernice Bedwell Repka, had pinned a song entitled “Lotta Lovin’.” It was played for Vincent over the phone with a very poor dub. Vincent seen through the poor recording, and saw the possibilities. An appointment was set for the next time he came to Dallas for his concert. He loved the song, recorded it, and it became his next million-seller. My sister, Bernice, became good friends with Gene and he visited her home on quite a few occasions, bringing along a friend by the name of John Ashley, from the bikini era movies.

This is the autographs on the back of Gene Vincent's picture given to David Repka

Dallas had a show that was a take off of the Grand Ole Opry and Louisiana Hayride called the Big D Jamboree. Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis all played there. They also had amateur night, giving young talent and hopefuls a chance in the music business. I was 13 years younger than my sister, and she was a very large influence on me. Mom and Dad bought a guitar for me, and I learned how to play it, and started writing songs and singing. I was singing at the Big D Jamboree amateur night one Saturday when Vincent was the main attraction. Bernice introduced me to Gene and when he went backstage to change into his stage costume, he invited me back with him. It was a very informal, large room, without much fanfare. Vincent had been in a motorcycle accident, and one of his legs was crushed in the incident, and he had to wear a leg brace. I kind of felt sorry for him at the sight of the brace, but it’s funny how some people can take a negative and turn it into a positive. Gene had a limp, but he done it in a way that almost looked stylish. There were quite a few musicians hanging out in the dressing room, but Gene was thoughtful and gracious enough to come over to where I was and had a signed autograph photo of himself he gave to me and said, “Your sister wrote a hit song for me, David, and you might do that for me to some day.”

This is information David Repka wrote under the autograph picture he received from Gene Vincent

If you’re familiar with Gene Vincent’s style, and have the time, wonder if you would give “Half Past 3”a listen? After all these years of songwriting, it’s the only offering Gene, himself, may feel would be suitable for his style.