Brave Were They (the Challenger)

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I wrote this song as the horrific, horrifying news broadcast the ill fated happening of the Challenger and its crew.  I guess the lyrics might be graphic for some, but I wrote and described with what I had seen and heard about this terrible tragedy.   It still burns in my memory.  I know if you live long enough, someday you will experience a humbling tragic event in your life, and you must come to grips with it.  Every one must do this in their own way, and time is your most important ally.  I guess a tragedy that is the magnitude of the Challenger,  is the sinking of the Titanic, the assassination of our President, JFK, and an unexpected passing of Elvis Presley, and will haunt us always, and if you lived in the time of the tragedy, more than likely, you’ll remember where you were at and what you were doing.