Houdini’s Magic

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No doubt about it.  Even the magicians of today, and some which have entitled their craft “Illusionist,” all agree Houdini was the greatest.  I believe that what made Houdini stand apart from all others was that he delivered his feats with belief.  They were meant to be Real Magic.  Some of the other magicians have mixed their magic with comedy.  This somehow takes the drama and dramatics away from the feats.

I can’t remember where I read this or what book it was in, but it told of an encounter that Houdini had while entertaining at a night club in Vegas or Hollywood.  Houdini asked for a volunteer from the audience, and Groucho Marx came up on stage.  Houdini treated Groucho the same as any other spectator, and ask Groucho to tell the audience if he could see anything in his (Houdini’s) hands?  Groucho said “No.”  Rolling his sleeves up, Houdini ask Groucho again if he could see anything up his sleeves?  Once again, Groucho said “No.”  Before opening his mouth, Houdini asked Groucho if he could see anything in his mouth; but this time Groucho responded by saying “Nothing, but a little pyorrhea.  Well the audience laughed, but Houdini never even smiled.  When I read this I felt a man that is that dedicated to his profession, had to have a song written about him; so this is how “Houdini’s Magic” came to be written.