I Love My Country

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Again, the influence of my sister, Bernice, played a strong role in my life.  I wrote this song because she was such a patriotic individual of our country.  It was a pleasure to write it, for I am also a believer and supporter of our country.  I started and completed this song before the tragedy of “911.”  I played it for Bernice as soon as I finished it, and she told me she couldn’t wait for me to record it.  I sent off for my copyright and scheduled studio time for 7:00 P.M. on 9/12/2001.  Guitarist, Buddy Wittington, came over to work with me on the arrangement and contacted all the other musicians who worked that session.  On 9/11 when I heard the news about the Twin Towers, I was in shock and disbelief.  Buddy was the only one that knew about the song when we first got to the studio, and everyone thought that I had written it over night, to work it in with a couple of other tunes I was going to record.  I could travel the World over and not find a more talented and professional group of musicians than those that played on this song, but because of what had just happened, I believe they reached down deep and played with even a deeper feeling.   I am still sadden about the incident of “911,” but I am grateful to all the talented musicians that lent their talents to this project, and I dedicate “I Love My Country” to all the troopers and service men who have had to protect our country and sacrifice their separation from their families and many who have even given the ultimate, and paid with their lives, and including the innocent of those lost in the tragedy of “911.”