Marilyn (Marilyn Monroe)

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When I wrote Marilyn I began work on it shortly after her death.   I struggled with this song more than any other I’ve ever written.  It became an obsession with me, and even though I had it going my way at times, I couldn’t finish it.  I would set it aside and would go back every now and then, but again, would have writer’s block.   My sister was a songwriter and my song of Marilyn was one of her favorites.  She always encouraged me to finish it.  She passed away a few years ago, and I got to thinking about what she said.   I picked up my guitar one day and started at the beginning of the song and played it as you hear it today, from start to finish, without hesitation.  I believe my sister had a hand in helping me complete Marilyn, because it came so easily, and fell into place so smoothly.  It’s hard for me to believe otherwise.


This picture is of Jamie Edwards, a professional Marilyn Monroe impersonator.