Reflections Upon My Lifetime

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One of the most asked questions I get about my music, is where do I get my ideas for the melody or how I came by the lyrics. I’ll try to give a couple of instances of the music that is featured on this website. “Reflections of My Lifetime” came about after meeting Willie Nelson one night while he was performing in a club off N.W.H. in Dallas. I was there in hopes of shopping my music to Willy.  I was introduced to him by a distinguished grey haired gentleman. Willie was very gracious and courteous and spent a few moments with me. There is a lot of character written in Willie’s face, and he has an easy going way about him that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. After I returned home that evening I picked up my guitar and began to write “Reflections of My Lifetime.” The lyrics in this song are based on seeing Willie in person and the different TV interviews, newspaper, and magazine articles I’ve read about him. The perception of Willie is my own, and could be a misconception on my part. If so, I hope Willie would forgive me. I am and have always been a Willie Nelson fan, and naturally while I was writing this song, I hoped somehow I could get it to Willie and he would like it well enough to record it. Needless to say, this did not happen. I wrote it more or less as a testimonial to a country legend, in kind of a no brag matter-of-fact, “My Way.” I meant this song to be a tribute to Willie’s triumphs, longevity, integrity, and generosity. Willie is an extraordinary entertainer and has hammered out a career that spans five to six generations, and done it on his own terms. He is also a complete songwriter, and what every songwriter would want to become. Willie didn’t change with the times; the times changed with Willie.  I wrote this song for Willie and always will hear him singing it. I’m giving it my best shot and hoping that you also might hear Willie in this song. Let us know what you think.