Richard Was A Lionhearted Man (Richard Pryor)

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I was a fan of Richard Pryor and thought him to be an innovative and entertaining comedian. I read an article in one of the magazines about his life. It made some references to his younger childhood, and how he grew up and perceived love to be a “hundred dollar bill.” Although my perception of love is completely different, I can look around and see many instances in which this could definitely apply. I thought it was a profound statement. When I came home, I had already worked out my hook line, (which was given to me by Richard Pryor’s own words) “Love Was a Hundred Dollar Bill.” I began reading everything I could get my hands on concerning Richard Pryor’s life. The more I read, the more I saw what a complex, complicated, prolific human being Richard Pryor was. Richard’s life had so many facets, I wanted to write it into a song, but I finally came to the realization that you could never wrap up the life of such a person into the space of a three-minute song. So I began to concentrate on the highlights and the important specifics and contributions, and issues of his life, and make every word count.

 Indirectly, Richard Pryor’s friends helped me with the second hook line in the song, “He was worth a million hundred dollar bills.” There were hundreds of testimonials on his website from his friends remembering him with tenderness and kindness, and you could tell they were all genuine. This line was a natural and wrote itself. I wish I could have known and been one of Richard Pryor’s friends.  I feel as though we would have clicked.  I couldn’t help but to appreciate and being endeared by the fact that Richard was a supporter and advocate in the protection of cruelty to animals.