Tropical Paradise (Lobo’s Theme)

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Lobo ruled the roost in my home the fourteen years that he was with us.  He was a rascal, and he was spoiled, and we loved him very much.  About a year and a half before Lobo left us, I had recorded a song titled, “Tropical Paradise.”  Still unknown to me, Lobo had some sort of an attraction to this song, and anytime I would play it, he would find his way to the sound of the music, and lie down and listen to it intently.  At first I thought it might be coincidental, but when it continued, I knew he was drawn to that sound, and was mesmerized by the music.  “Tropical Paradise” became Lobo’s theme, and after my loss of Lobo, I was unable to listen to this song for months, and when I finally did, I cried.